Não caio na Demagogia barata de fingir que o Povo é Inimputável...

Não caio na Demagogia barata de fingir que o Povo é Inimputável...

quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Putin não é parvo...

Enquanto os Cu-munas de cá miam louvores ao Aborto, a Duma Russa, (O Parlamento Russo) apoia a Família!

E esta, hem?
Pois é, ó Nacionais-Estrangeiristas da Parvónia, os Cientistas da Demografia a sério, são pela Família;
Cripto-Nazis Malthusianos, Maçons Pedófilos, e Actores Drogados de Holywood são pela Morte.

Da mercatornet.com:

The Moscow Demographic Summit organised by the World Congress of Families begins Wednesday and this blog will be updating you regularly with posts direct from the event. To kick off, here is today's press release from Larry Jacobs, ECF's Managing Director:
The Russian Duma has officially welcomed delegates to the “Moscow Demographic Summit: The Family and the Future of Humankind,” which opens on June 29 at the Russian State Social University.
The letter of support is dated June 22, 2011 and signed by Ye. B. Mizulina (Elena Mizulina, pictured), chairwoman of the Duma’s Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs.  It reads:
“Dear Participants of the Moscow Demographic Summit,
We welcome you with all our hearts, we wish success to the work of the Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of Humankind, and we declare our support for this important international, interfaith and non-partisan congress attended by leading scientists, politicians and business people from various countries, and by professional demographers and public figures. The issues discussed at the Summit – consolidation of the family, raising moral standards, and studying all the factors contributing to a higher birth rate and lower mortality rate – are very important for our times and require close attention of society as a whole.”
World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs responded: “We are honored by the Duma’s support. Chairwoman Mizulina is a champion of the natural family and we look forward to working with her to reverse the disastrous decline of birthrates, in Russia and worldwide.” 


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