Não caio na Demagogia barata de fingir que o Povo é Inimputável...

Não caio na Demagogia barata de fingir que o Povo é Inimputável...

segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

Um Míssil do Irão, os Comunas vão ADORAR!!!

Pois é, amiguinhos Comunistas, Ecologistas, Pacifistas, e outros Drogados, o vosso amigo Irão, está-se a preparar para vos mandar um "Mensageiro da Paz"!

WASHINGTON — The United States is close to activating a missile shield over southern Europe as part of its effort to shore up regional defenses in the face of a missile threat from Iran, The Washington Post reported.
Citing unnamed Pentagon officials, the newspaper said the US Defense Department is nearing a deal to establish a key radar ground station probably in Turkey or Bulgaria.
Installation of the high-powered X-band radar would enable the first phase of the shield to become operational next year, the report said.
In September 2009, US President Barack Obama scrapped a missile shield project, which had been pushed by his predecessor George W. Bush and would have seen a powerful radar installed in the Czech Republic and 10 long-range ballistic interceptor missiles in Poland by 2013.
The shield plan had enraged Russia, which called it a security menace on its doorstep, although Washington insisted the aim was to ward off a potential long-range missile threat from Iran.
Obama, o vosso Fantoche Favorito, é que parece não entender que, a vosso ver...
Toda a Barbárie que não seja Ocidental, é..

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